Diplomatic relations between Albania and Turkey were established with the Friendship Agreement signed in 1923.

The first Turkish diplomatic mission was opened as a Consulate in the city of Vlora in 1925, which was replaced by the Embassy in Tirana inaugurated in 1926.

After the Italian occupation of Albania in 1939, the Embassy was closed and a Consulate General was set up. Upon the request of the communist regime which assumed power in 1945, the Consulate General was also closed and the bilateral relations were suspended. In the following period, upon the demand of the Albanian side, Turkey opened a Legation in 1958 and the bilateral relationships were upgraded to Ambassadorial level in 1966.

Offices of the Military Attaché and of the Commercial Counselor were set up respectively in 1992 and 2007.

The Embassy’s original building on the Durres Street was handed over to the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in the 1950s. During the period 1959-2006 the Embassy was located in the Kavaja Street, and in 2006 moved to its current location.


Murat Ahmet Yörük Ambassador
Monday - Friday

09:00 - 12:30 / 14:00 - 18:00

Visa applications: Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 09:30-12:00
3/14/2020 3/14/2020 Summer Day
4/12/2020 4/12/2020 Katholic Easter
8/30/2020 8/30/2020 Turkish Republic Victory Day
1/1/2021 1/2/2021 New Year's Day
3/22/2021 3/22/2021 Nevruz Day
5/1/2021 5/1/2021 International Worker's Day
5/2/2021 5/2/2021 Orthodox Easter
5/13/2021 5/13/2021 End of Ramadan
7/20/2021 7/20/2021 Feast of Sacrifice
9/5/2021 9/5/2021 Mother Teresa Beatification Day
10/29/2021 10/29/2021 Turkish National Day (Republic Day)
11/28/2021 11/28/2021 Albanian National Day
11/29/2021 11/29/2021 Albanian Liberation Day
12/8/2021 12/8/2021 National Youth Day
12/25/2021 12/25/2021 Christmas